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About Us

Stack Mobile is a new “Protected” Creator Platform fresh in development aiming to be a new digital entertainment/asset platform for all to create and gain from. There are a number of us from differing fields of expertise and professions united for the sole purpose of creating a better future for everyone in every industry and every walk of life. At the core of our personality is our passion to not only create but find other awesome creators and manifest great ideas together in a protected yet open space. We love creativity and the positivity it brings and encourage all positive ideas.

The Contributors

We are a diverse group of contributors from a range of fields to name a few; producers, engineers, artists, content curators, developers, game developers, real estate investors and even electrical/plumbing/construction contractors (All black owned). Unifying to create this platform for us and other likeminded creators knowledgeable of diverse industries; we hope to evolve what we are and understand united as well as individually. Most of the contributors prefer to remain anonymous as they fund; build, develop, offer services to run Stack Mobile.

Developers and experts weclome

Our core operations seek expansion in development and expertise. If you wish to be a part of the revolution click below for our contributors application.
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The Mission

We believe in the impossible. We believe in “Star Trek” as a possible reality. A future with richness as the baseline wealth in technology and economics for humanity; which is naturally a prerequisite for anything beyond earth. The  mission is clear; however, come after: countless hours of research, discussions, interviews, debates, and finally mutual agreement. We have come to agree unanimously that rather or not you believe in heaven, the sky, or mars; a certain level of uniform integrity and understanding is required aforehand by humanity as a people combined.