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Debunking The Myth of Critical Race Theory from an absolutely non-partisan perspective

In recent time there has been a lot of scholarly debate surrounding the topic of Critical Race Theory also called CRT for short from both leftist and conservatives about rather or not it should be taught in K-12 education as well as rather or not it is appropriate for students of any degree to learn the theory at all. Though I myself am no expert on the topic I have heard many convincing arguments on

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Switching Game Engines from Unity to Unreal though both are awesome!

We are proud to announce that we will be upgrading and switching our our entire project from Unity3D to Unreal Engine 4.2.x / Unreal Engine 5 (Visuals Only). With said change we will give ourselves much more wiggle space when it comes to effects implementation, game design, as well as video edits. We have launched prototypes, alpha tests, and eve public betas in the past for numerous projects and we believe that this is the

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No More SEO Please!

In the past SEO which is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization was a way to take full advantage of search engine placements for businesses and/or individuals who sought to make the most of being able to be found via popular search engines by search phrases. Traditionally before there were all of these fancy tools to monitor analytics and data relative to their SEO tools; most web developers’ only means of engaging in any form

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Religion vs Ethics

When sensation is what moves you; the want for gratification will consume you. The problem with religion has always been that it creates a separate ruleset that supersedes a person’s moral behavior to the point that the nefariously minded could weaponize its usage. Rules are always relative as to how the perspective person perceived them and if they even follow rules to begin with. When people let religions and/or other ideologies supersede their own personal

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What exactly is Critical Race Theory to you?
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There are definite wrong answers and a right one. The goal is to assess the general understanding of what people tend to believe Critical Race Theory is versus what it actually is and the ratio of persons who actually understand it.

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